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Enticing Trade Show Exhibits Excite More Than Attendees


No matter the industry, no trade show is known for being a wildly good time. They are however, a great method for finding a high concentration of businesses and brands within a given field. Buyers can easily pick and choose from premier brands, all while comparing each side by side over the same course of week or weekend. There is plenty of shopping around and networking, so any trade show veteran knows that making a great visual and verbal connection is key. It is easy for brands with little personality to be lost amongst the crowds, and therefore essential to make a noticeable presence in both qualities to garner some real success.


Exhibitors are often lined up against countless competitors all vying for the same attention of attendees and conference goes. To stand out, a business really needs to make a booth their own. Trade show exhibits should entice the passersby, not blend in to the boring backdrop provided to them. Owning the limited space brands are given to work with is the first step to building a worthwhile setup. When you’re excited about your workspace, you’re excited to do your job, so creating a great environment isn’t just for the sake of your potential clients and customers. The best booths capture the approval of everyone’s eye, your own, your attendees, and even your competitors.


Trade show exhibits should take much of the work out of getting your business noticed. From brand logos and name banners, to colorful backdrop setups that set the stage for your products and services, each element added to your space should be included with specific goals in mind. Blank trade show exhibits appear uniform and empty, but have a world of potential with the help of a few graphic designs. Displays big and small can be used to a more personalized workspace for your sales team, inviting potential clients and customers into more of a traveling pop-up shop than a boring old booth. With each side of the equation excited about your business and remote location, attendees will be eager to discover what you have to offer, and brand ambassadors will be eager to share and sell.

Invest in large, evergreen graphics that can be used for years and worth their weight in expense. A bold, cleanly designed pop up or retractable display can be money well spent with returns and use at trade show after trade show. Smaller, additional signage can be used to promote new and specific information, such as current specials or the unveiling of new products and services for use at a particular trade show or venue. Together, these tools, along with a sales team create an interactive combination that reaches all of the purposes of trade show exhibits. Backdrops grab attention and expose attendees to your brand, specifically marketed signage educate and entice, and brand ambassadors connect and relationship build.


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Michael Craig is the co founder of the popular organization Displays and Exhibits those designs and supplies popular selections of custom logos and messages, display lights, exhibit furniture and other trade show exhibits including trade show flooring.



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