Displays And Exhibits

When it comes to utilizing the limited space of trade show booths, businesses look to pop up displays to convey their message in a quick, quality way. Covering just a small area each exhibitor gets on the trade floor, a pop up display can be the difference between maximizing sales efforts and losing leads to lackluster marketing tools and setup issues.

Trade Show Table Covers: Weaving the Fabric of Success


A trade show table cover is not your grandmother's table cloth. They look sleek, professional, and can be personalized with anything you can imagine. Try to imagine the fabric as an extension of the rest of your branding for your trade show! As an added bonus they are great at hiding unsightly tables for a more put together look.


Trade show exhibitors typically spend large amounts of  time and money selecting and designing their booth’s backdrops, banners and tabletop displays, but the table cover is an exhibit element that they sometimes overlook. This covering can dress up an otherwise ordinary table at a trade show booth and bring more continuity to the whole exhibit design. While the table cover is an additional expense, it is worth considering for your next trade show, particularly if you will be exhibiting at one with plenty of your industry competitors participating as well.


Trade show table covers are fully washable. The best method to clean them is by using mild soap, cool water, and low heat in the dryer to avoid shrinking. You can also have them dry cleaned if you wish. And If you're worried about the display getting dirty, consider choosing a dark colored fabric. If your product or display involves liquids or fluids vinyl trade show table covers that will stand up better to spilling!


Trade show table covers also come in a variety of styles. You can go with a full sized cloth that will cover all sides of your table. Trade show table covers also come in smaller sizes that only cover the front and sides, leaving the back of the table open. This is a good option if you're looking to save a little on material cost, or if you want easy access to anything you're storing under the table. You can also place an additional “runner” or narrow strip of cloth on top of your existing table cover, for added dimension and contrast.


Using a table cover  is a great way to complement your exhibit. Your logo can be printed directly on the table cloth, which is a great way to get your booth noticed. It can tie together the display very nicely.



Katie Lennon has remained a businessman and also the Co founder of Displays and Exhibits which specialises in the making and supply of many display items such as Pop up banners, outdoor banner stands, trade show banners, trade show table covers and more display commodities.

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