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When it comes to utilizing the limited space of trade show booths, businesses look to pop up displays to convey their message in a quick, quality way. Covering just a small area each exhibitor gets on the trade floor, a pop up display can be the difference between maximizing sales efforts and losing leads to lackluster marketing tools and setup issues.

  • Outdoor Banner Stands Are Flexible For Every Environment


Trade shows are a common occurrence for traveling brands, but plenty of companies are doing business outside of the typical convention-center stereotypes, ranging from local fairs, to block parties, concerts, and beyond. More and more brands are making it a point of getting out and into their local communities, in addition to traveling around the state, country or world. To facilitate this move, brands are requiring flexible tools that can be used in each setting they are taking their business to. Traditionally, a brand may bring their own banners and marketing to help a convention or conference booth a little more of their own. Moving to an outdoor location means having to accommodate one’s marketing efforts to less predictable and stable environments.


Anytime you’re heading into the outdoors, you need to bring materials that are first and foremost durable. No one plans to be caught in extreme situations like a rainstorm, but withstanding simple elements like heat and wind should definitely be a priority. Sturdy displays and long-lasting graphics will make a powerful combination in terms of wear-and-tear and return. Businesses should choose a versatile setup to maximize their investments, and going with an outdoor-friendly option lends itself to both traditional and untraditional scenarios. Outdoor banner stands can very easily be used indoors on the standard trade show circuit, but not all indoor materials can be taken outside and expended to-- literally and figuratively-- stand the heat.


Outdoor banner stands are designed with factors like elements and ease in mind. Kits often come with a carrying case for convenient transport, and feature a strong base to battle environmental basics like wind. Soil and snow stakes help to lock marketing into the ground, and serve as a sturdy foundation for outdoor-proof graphics. Spring-loaded options balance banners in not-so-calm conditions, and double sided graphics help to display your message from multiple angles when you aren’t backed into constricting trade show booths. Flag style weather banners are super lightweight and portable, making them a favorite for outdoor vendors on the go. No matter which of the outdoor banner stands best suit an individual business, brands can look forward to lifetime guarantees on most models.


With a great warranty and environment-ready materials behind outdoor banner stands, its a wonder why more businesses don’t capitalize on this money-saving option. These display types ensure marketing can be employed in any scenario, from simple indoor setups to snow-covered outdoor areas. A worthwhile investment for anyone who’s looking to give their brand the opportunity of taking on outdoor projects, outdoor banner stands provide endless possibilities for brands hoping to make a splash. There’s no harm done if you never it outdoors with these display types, but vice versa, and you could be spending quite a few bucks on replacement marketing.



Michael Craig is the co founder of Displays and Exhibits that specialises in the making of Outdoor banner stands, pop up banners, banner stands and other popular display items. It has a large selection of custom logos, messages, display lights, exhibit furniture and much more.

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