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When it comes to utilizing the limited space of trade show booths, businesses look to pop up displays to convey their message in a quick, quality way. Covering just a small area each exhibitor gets on the trade floor, a pop up display can be the difference between maximizing sales efforts and losing leads to lackluster marketing tools and setup issues.

Display Types to Maximize Tight Trade Show Flooring


Walking through a trade show can be anxiety-ridden whether presenting as an exhibitor, or an attendee looking for goods and services. Trade show flooring is packed to the walls with business booths, creating a maze-like blueprint for everyone to attempt to navigate. Brands can easily get lost amongst the crowd without clear, properly signage, or just as quickly lose the attention of an attendee without focused and consistent branding or information. Just as you would create a cohesive work space and office image for your business, your home-away-from-home or booth space should get the same treatment. This is the traveling office you use to promote your products or service, and shouldn’t require a second or third impression to come across to attendees.


Veteran exhibitors know organizing your own trade show flooring space can be a lot like figuring out marketing puzzle. Each brand and business is given a limited space to work with, each vying to make the most impact. The question a sales team is forced with answering is what marketing tools can offer the maximum brand awareness, while being as minimally invasive to work flow as possible? Large and dominating set-ups may do a great job of standing out on the floor, but give little wiggle (or walk) room for associates to move freely and connect with attendees. Adversely, signage that is too small may give sales teams plenty of space to jump out to passersby, but attendees likely won’t be seeking out the brand that they can’t even find.


As it turns out, a number of display types have been developed to fit the needs of tight trade show flooring expectations, giving businesses a handful of versatile options that best fit their individual budgets. Pop up displays are often the best choice for a brand that is looking for large scale graphics that mimic a mini-shop. Available in flat or curved wrap around styles, these displays are set at the back of the booth, leaving plenty of trade show flooring to be easily maneuvered for outreach and relationship building. The perfect start to building your trade show flooring setup, these foundations can be mixed and matched with other smaller or tabletop display types to create cohesive, multi-faceted branding.


Because trade show flooring is squished, choosing displays that are compact in transport, setup and full design are also great features to look out for. Aside from the aforementioned floor displays, retractable banners can be a great trade show flooring space saver. Tall and thin, these banners roll right out from their hardware, so when it’s time to setup or breakdown, there’s really little to be done. Great for displaying a special promotion the brand may be running or more specific information for attendees to take away, these display types can be great talking points once you’ve wrangled in attendees to your exhibit space.


Whichever tactics and price levels work best for your brand’s goals, keep in mind that trade show flooring space is always limited, so the more compact and discrete displays can be without losing their attention grabbing or informative qualities, the better.


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Michael Craig is the Co founder of Displays and Exhibits which is the leading designer and supplier of Trade Show Flooring, Table top displays, and pop up banners, table top displays and other display commodities. It also supplies a large selection of custom logos, messages, display lights and exhibit furniture.

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