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When it comes to utilizing the limited space of trade show booths, businesses look to pop up displays to convey their message in a quick, quality way. Covering just a small area each exhibitor gets on the trade floor, a pop up display can be the difference between maximizing sales efforts and losing leads to lackluster marketing tools and setup issues.

A Guide to Trade Show Exhibit Etiquette


1.Don’t forget proper staff training:


Make certain every member of your booth staff knows your product/services and the general profile of trade show attendees at the exhibit. All booth staff should be trained to relate to show attendees by striking up conversation around how they are currently doing business and how your products/services fit into businesses like theirs.


Script engaging and thought-provoking questions for trade show booth staff. Training booth staff to ease into a product/service discussion by asking key discovery questions.Train your booth staff on how to gain a commitment for a follow-up meeting, including scheduling a specific date and time along with specific action items.Train your booth staff on how to handle questions they cannot answer.Train your booth staff on how to work with booth giveawaysensure that staff is aware that it is never appropriate to check voicemail, email, or work on a computer or other device while the show floor is full of attendees.


2. Don’t forget proper dress code:


Appropriate dress either professional wear or clothing with company attire such as logo apparel will give staff at your trade show exhibit a clean and overall chic look.


Comfortable professional footwear is very important, booth staff spends nearly 100% of the trade show time standing by the booth or walking to and from break areas or the restroom.Do not wear cologne or perfume, this may be off-putting to some and could cause allergic reactions for others.


3. Don’t forget the power of body language:


No one will ever get tired of hearing about the importance of getting people to smile, greeting attendees and thanking them for stopping by your trade show exhibit!


 If seating for booth staff is needed, choose tall chairs or stools to place your eyes at the same eye-level as show attendees.Engage in conversation with show attendees rather than booth colleagues.Sit down only if there are no attendees on the show floor or if a prospect or client asks to sit down with you.Offer open and positive body language. Do not turn your back to attendees, cross arms, or legs. Stand up straight, keep your hands out of your pockets, roll your shoulders back, and keep your chin up.Thank attendees for spending time at your booth when they leave.


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Katie Lennon is the Co founder of Displays and Exhibits which is the home to a number of Trade show exhibits such as pop up banners, table top displays, trade show flooring, outdoor banner stands and other popular display items.

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